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Monthly Archive July 2012

Mental health and discrimination in the workplace

I was inspired to write this blog from the channel 4’s documentary ‘the world’s maddest job interview’ which was on channel 4 on 25 July 2012 and from a blog by Jenny Cooper which looks at ways to manage and deal with stress (

According to MIND, the mental health charity, one in five people that disclose a history of mental illness are either fired or forced out. Further many others believe disclosing a mental illness will harm their prospects of securing employment.

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Dealing with employees returning from Additional Maternity Leave (AML)

I have noticed that many employers find it difficult dealing with employees returning from AML. The reasons I am given range from (a) they think that the replacement performed better than the returnee employee (b) they are undergoing a redundancy consultation process or (c) it’s simply not reasonably practical for the returnee employee to remain in the same role as prior to their maternity leave.

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