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Monthly Archive November 2012

How important is a signed contract?

Most businesses, regardless of whether or not a Human Resources (HR) department exists will ensure that new employees receive an employment contract or at the very least some form of statement setting out their terms and conditions. Unfortunately not all businesses or HR personnel are as diligent at ensuring that the employee returns a signed copy of the agreement. 

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How will the owner employee status work?

The economic downturn has meant that business owners have had to be more creative with both their business ventures and motivating their staff. Recently it seems that even the government is following pursuit, as last month the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced plans for a new kind of ‘employee owner’ employment contract, as part of the plans to improving the UK economy and creating greater employment flexibility.

The government aims to allow companies to offer the new type of contract from April 2013.

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The battle against capability and conduct procedures

Some industries use slightly modified disciplinary procedures when dealing with capability and conduct. However does this give rise to employers being able to freely choose which procedure to use with which employee?

This issue was dealt with in the Court of Appeal in Welch National Opera Ltd v Johnson which looked at the interplay of two disciplinary procedures, following the dismissal of the principal oboist in the company’s orchestra.

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