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Monthly Archive May 2013

E-Cigarettes and Alcohol


It is well established that smoking in the workplace is prohibited by law and that following this and wider smoking bans in society, many employees have sought to quit.

A relatively new method of kicking the habit is the ‘E-cigarette’. This is not classed as ‘smoking’ as nothing is actually burned in the process, making them akin to nicotine inhalers with the addition of an inhalable water vapour through which the nicotine is delivered.

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Employee Shareholder Status: Final Result

Following a great deal of debate and ‘Parliamentary Ping-Pong’, the House of Lords on 24 April 2013 finally approved legislation creating a new type of employment status: the ‘employee shareholder’, due to become law on an undetermined date this autumn.

The construction of this new status is that in return for a minimum of £2,000 worth of company shares the newly minted employee shareholder gives up certain key rights, most notably the right to claim unfair dismissal, a statutory redundancy payment and to apply for flexible working.

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Queen’s speech: Employment law round up

This is by far the least popular speech the Queen makes each year, mostly down to the fact that most people are working while it takes place with no roast turkey, cracker or pudding in sight!

It is however the most important speech that Her Majesty makes annually in that it highlights the most important bills to be placed before Parliament in the coming months, bills that may become law and have far reaching implications for the legal landscape of the country.

So here are the key bills with particular relevance to the HR and employment law sphere:

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