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Monthly Archive July 2013

Employment Tribunal Reforms 2013: what it means for you

Most of you will be aware that from Monday 29 July 2013 the employment tribunal rules will change. Those of you who have ongoing claims and those of you who are due to submit a claim or response are probably asking yourselves whether this affects you.

Well, the short answer is that it might! I have contacted our local tribunal and have asked them to clarify whether or not pre 29 July claims will have to pay a fee for a final hearing; you will all be relieved to hear that they do not (not least of all that this would be an administrative nightmare to administer)!

So then what’s new…

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Top 10 Tips to avoiding an Employment Tribunal

Sometimes no matter what you do and how far you go towards accommodating a member of staff, a disgruntled individual will bring a tribunal claim against you. The tribunal statistics for the first quarter of 2012/2013 have shown a 15% increase in claims being brought by employees therefore businesses should always take protective measures such as having access to a legal adviser and legal indemnity insurance.

I have put together this article to assist you in undertaking some precautionary measures to ensure that any unwarranted claim is not successful.

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When is indirect age discrimination legal?

Some of you may recall the well-publicised case of Mr Seldon. He was a partner in Clarkson Wright & Jakes solicitors (‘the Firm’) who claimed age discrimination when he was forced to retire at 65 under his partnership agreement.

The case was last reported in 2012 after the Supreme Court ruling that the case was to be remitted to the Employment Tribunal for it to consider whether the Firm were justified in having a compulsory retirement age of 65 and/or whether another age such as 68 or 70 should have been adopted.

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