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Monthly Archive June 2014

Manufacturer prosecuted over forklift death

A sauces manufacturer, AAK UK Ltd, has been fined £140,000 after a forklift truck driver was killed at a factory in Runcorn.

The victim was using his forklift truck to load a lorry trailer outside the factory on the Astmoor Industrial Estate when another lorry reversed into the side of his vehicle. The forklift overturned, killing him instantly.

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Notice Jumping and Penalty Clauses

Giving notice to quit employment while often a simple act, can sometimes lead to disputes between the outgoing employee and their soon to be former employer. The logic to this is simply that one is trying to leave, preferably as soon as possible, while the other is now having to fill the gap left by the leaver and requires time in order to fill said gap.

The concept of ‘notice jumping’, though it means a breach of contract on the part of the leaving employee, is nothing new and happens every day in practice. The core question often put to us by employers is what can they do about it?

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The Queen’s Speech 2014: Employment Law Implications

Our illustrious Head of State and all around good egg, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, has given her annual speech signalling the opening of a new legislative session at Parliament, this being the last of such she will give under the current coalition Government.

So aside from fainting junior members of the aristocracy, did anything of interest take place I hear you ask? Well in relation to employment law the answer to that question would be a resounding yes.

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