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Monthly Archive July 2014

Does obesity amount to a disability?

For those of you who avidly follow our employment law blogs may recall last August the Employment Appeal Tribunal held that obesity itself would not amount to a disability under the Equality Act 2010 (“EQA”); however physical ailments which resulted from obesity could (Walker v Sita Information Networking Computing Ltd).

Clearly where obesity amounts to a disability this gives rise to the duty for employers to make reasonable adjustments which includes providing bigger chairs and desks and perhaps even a flexible working pattern.

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Re-Flex: Revisions in Flexibility Working Rights

Everyone enjoyed a spot of networking and updating their knowledge in respect of flexible working on 17 July as we covered: 

  • Pre 30 June 2014 changes; 
  • Post 30 June 2014 changes;
  • Considering flexible working requests; 
  • The meaning of “reasonable manner” under the new legislation; 
  • Withdrawing claims; 
  • Tribunal claims (including discrimination) and 
  • How flexible working can benefit businesses.