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Monthly Archive December 2014

Are the restrictive covenants in your employment contracts enforceable?

If you are an employer planning on imposing new restrictive covenants upon your employees in the New Year then you should take note of the recent high court decision in Re-use Collections Limited v. Sendall & May Glass Recycling Ltd. The court highlighted the risk that employers face when amending contracts of employment to include or increase restrictive covenants where there has been no specific consideration.

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Employee or not Employee: That is Always the Question

The question of an individual’s employment status is one often put to us as Employment Lawyers, and one which always requires a fair few questions being posed in return to establish whether the relevant person is an employee, a worker or none of the above. It is a question that crops up in a number of sectors, often with Tradesmen and in particular the fields of dentistry and optometry.

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