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Monthly Archive April 2015

Zero Hours Contract Workers: Injury to Feelings Award

zero hour’s contract worker who feared reporting allegations of sexual harassment by her line manager in case she lost work, has been awarded £19,500 for injury to feelings.

The recent Employment Tribunal (ET) case of Southern v Britannia Hotels Ltd and another highlights the vulnerability of zero hours contract workers. In this case Miss Southern who was aged 22 with fragile mental health claimed that her line manager frequently touched her and asked her about her sex life.

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Stress and Foreseeability of the Damage Done

We at SCE have always received a large amount of queries relating to work related stress claims from employees that believe the events leading to their Employment Tribunal claim have inflicted psychiatric injury upon them. While we are not personal injury lawyers and so do not act in such matters, plainly there is a very clear overlap between the two areas of the law.

The threshold for proving such claims however is extremely high, being centred in the main around the concept of foreseeability on the part of an employer. While many employees then may feel that they have been put to undue stress at work, turning such an accusation into a viable case against an employer is difficult to do.

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Avoiding a tribunal claim: Managing social media

Social media is everywhere these days, be it at home, on the train and of course very often in the workplace.

The key platforms as you will no doubt be aware are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The personal nature of these pages allow the user to share news, gossip, photo and video, no matter how inane or mundane. A profile can be restricted to being seen by family and friends, or alternatively be open to the general public.

Many professionals view social media as a tool to be utilised for progression of their professional goals, this in particular relates to LinkedIn. However problems can arise for employers where individuals make comments on their personal pages in the mistaken belief that no one from work will see them. The consequences for such mistakes can range from the relatively mild to the outright catastrophic.

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