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Monthly Archive May 2015

Redundancy Guidelines for Employers

The election is over and the Queen Speech has announced the programme of new laws the Conservative government intend to implement. How it will affect SME’s, only time will tell.

However, for those of you who are going to have to deal with scaling down staff, whether or not that’s related to proposals by the new government, I have put together a guide to ensure you deal with redundancies fairly:

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A ban on exclusivity clauses in zero hour contracts

During the election each major party had some pledge in respect of ‘zero hour contracts’, and it seemed that there was a general consensus that these types of contracts had to be scrutinised and legislative changes needed to be made.

The long awaited ban on exclusivity clauses finally came into force on 26 May 2015. This will mean the employers will no longer be able to restrict an employee’s ability to work for a competitor, in circumstances where their contract does not guarantee work i.e. is a “zero hour contract”

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Failure to undertake ACAS Early Conciliation: Sympathy Irrelevant

Since the introduction of the ACAS Early Conciliation (‘AEC’) scheme in May 2014, it has been mandatory for any individual seeking to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal (‘ET’) to first attempt to conciliate with the party with whom they are aggrieved via ACAS.

The logic behind this is simple; if the parties are required as a matter of course to discuss the claim before it is lodged, there is a greater chance that ACAS can assist them in settling their differences amicably before litigation is commenced, litigation which would put the taxpayer to expense.

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