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Monthly Archive February 2017

GP Services: TUPE Transfer of Services

The transfer of services between the public sector, charities and social enterprises will usually trigger a relevant transfer governed by TUPE.  This means that employees assigned to a transferring service will transfer with the service, and that their terms and conditions of employment will be protected.

So what does this mean for the company taking over (NewCo) from the outgoing company (OldCo)? Are they obliged to continue the same structure? 


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Managing Absence: Storm Doris

As storm Doris causes disruption throughout the UK, employees are likely to encounter problems getting to work, from delayed trains, car and household damage to dangerous walking conditions. So how should employers deal with disruption caused by staff not being able to get into work? 

First port of call is review your handbook to ascertain whether or not you have a severe weather policy, in the event that you do not, then follow this simple guide: 

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Managing Employee Stress at Work

Stress affects everyone differently. Mental health is both subtle and complex.  Some sufferers display obvious and quite debilitating signs of stress, others manage to mask their anguish from the world by going about their work with little or no visual clues.  Add to that the stigma mental health problems bring with them and employers can often feel like it is impossible to tackle this taboo.

Here we offer our tips on how employers can seek to support employees suffering with stress at work and adhere to their general duty of care towards the health and wellbeing of all employees.  With the right knowledge and support, employers can prevent stress at work leading to long term absence.

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Love in the Workplace: Managing Personal Relationships

Undoubtedly the rise of social media has had an impact upon how many people meet their significant other but, the fact remains, many people still meet partners through work.  It’s not surprising really given the amount of time we spend at work but, for some employers, learning of a new office romance can leave them feeling on edge.  

Employers cannot, of course, ban personal relationships at work but, where these could possibly have a detrimental impact upon the workplace, certain steps can be taken to minimise any issues that may arise. Employers must be mindful of striking a balance between an employee’s right to a private life with the need to protect its business interests.  Here are some top tips for managing relationships at work.

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