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Back to Basics: 7 Tips to Help You Write Better Job Descriptions

As we enter September and move into ‘back to school’ month it is the perfect time of year for a bit of a #SpringClean. This month we will be continuing our ‘back to basics’ series which we began last year when we covered, holidays, the probation period and the employment contract. This week we are looking at job descriptions.

As the war for talent intensifies, the most important challenge these days is to attract more candidates to your job page and, most importantly, make them apply for the position. By carefully thinking about how to write the job description, you’ll have a better chance to attract more quality candidates. To write more successful job descriptions, have a look at the following tips:

An Easy-to-Read Job Title

First of all, make sure that the title of your vacancy stands out and explains exactly what the job is about. It should be concise and specific, so that the job seeker can immediately evaluate whether it makes sense to spend time reading the whole description. Remember: keep things simple and transparent.

A Strong and Meaningful Company Description

The company description is considered to be one of the most important parts for job seekers: they want to know what your company does and what it is like to work there. After all, job seekers are not really looking anymore for one specific job, but more to work for a company, whose values are in line with their personal values. Ask yourself which information could be relevant and avoid using job-related vocabulary.

Strong Description of the Responsibilities

‘Short and powerful’ are the words you have to keep in mind when listing the responsibilities of a job offer. Use a powerful bullet point list instead of long sentences. You should also be realistic and honest. You don’t want to make promises to your candidates, which you can’t keep.

Don’t Focus on the Requirements

Have you ever hired someone who met ALL requirements? You probably haven’t, as you would have to give that person a promotion right away. So, if requirements don’t have to be met, why do companies often set out a large checklist? These aspects weed out good talent that won’t apply because of the strong and detailed requirements.

Easy and Partly Automated Application Process

Your company should offer future employees an easy and innovative application process. The rise of social media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, has given candidates the opportunity to apply for a job in just a few clicks. Young professionals aren’t using to writing long emails anymore. They are looking for jobs where the application process is easy and innovative.


A successful job description should be written in a way that it makes the candidates feel something while reading it. Storytelling is one of the most important aspects in your marketing department, but the same applies for writing a job description. You need to engage with people, they should see themselves already working for your organisation even before applying for a certain position. Obviously, this will motivate them to apply and might make them spread a good word about your company.

The direct and indirect costs of poor hiring include re-advertising, additional recruitment time, re-training, lost productivity, customer disruption and low staff morale.
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Samira Cakali

Samira Cakali is a pragmatic and approachable solicitor advocate with extensive contentious and non-contentious experience in the fields of employment law as well as civil litigation, within a range of commercial businesses from SME’s to multinationals as well as senior executives.

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