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Fed up with having nuisance neighbours?

Having nuisance neighbours can be very frustrating especially when you are looking forward to some peace and quiet after a long day at work. So, what can you do when you are in a position where you are having to put up with nuisance neighbours?

There are a number of steps you can take to try and resolve the issue before having to pursue the matter formally through the courts.

What initial steps should you consider?


Although it may be a little difficult or even awkward, the best way to deal with nuisance neighbours is to communicate your concerns with them informally and directly as a first step, without the involvement of any other third parties.

It may be surprising, but many people are unaware that they are being a nuisance until they have been given a little nudge. Therefore, having a quick chat with them may resolve the issue in a very simple and stress free manner.

If your neighbours are tenants, then the best way forward would be to contact the landlord to raise your concerns and he or she should be able to assist you by contacting the tenants and communicating your concerns.


If the dispute cannot be resolved by speaking to your neighbour politely then the next practical and sensible step is mediation.

Mediation is when a third party informally gets involved in your dispute in an effort to resolve the matter amicably between both parties.

It is good practice to make every attempt informally before considering pursuing the matter properly as this could escalate, and, cost time and money to both parties.

In addition, any formal processes could result in a bitter relationship between the neighbours which no one desires.


If the informal approaches to the neighbour are unsuccessful, you may want to get the police involved.

This might be the slight nudge the neighbour needs in order to reduce the noise levels simply by having the police visit them.

The police do have specific powers to deal with nuisance neighbours, they can issue fines to people who have failed to comply with police warnings.

Local Authorities

If none of the above attempts appear to resolve the issue then you may have no other option but to pursue the matter formally via the local authority by making a complaint.

Local authorities have a duty and have the powers to ensure that action is taken against individuals who are disruptive and have a negative affect on the local community as a whole, (this can include; noise, vandalism, anti-social behaviour etc).

Local authorities have the power to issue penalties to individuals who are being a nuisance and are not complying with the local authorities’ decisions.

Legal Action

If you have attempted all of the above approaches without any success then the last resort is to take legal action.

Whilst taking legal action can be a very lengthy, costly and time consuming process it can, in fact, have a positive outcome. People have a tendency to take court proceedings much more seriously and comply with court orders as they are somewhat afraid of the consequences which may follow for breaching court orders.

How do you issue court proceedings?

The most important thing before issuing court proceedings is to instruct a solicitor who has complete knowledge and experience in the area of law surrounding neighbour disputes.

Prior to issuing court proceedings you need to notify the party involved of your intention to issue proceedings against them, this needs to be done in writing which can be prepared by your solicitor once you have instructed one.   

Court proceedings should be the last resort to resolve disputes as court’s expect that all reasonable steps have been taken before proceeding by way of court action.

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