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Healthy Staff Equals A Healthy Business

Instead of moving around the workplace we now seem to be tied to a desk or staring at a computer screen, and it’s having an adverse effect. So, what are the benefits to your employees and to your business if you have a healthy workforce?

The Benefits

Physical Health

By incorporating health and fitness in the workplace, employees should start to see benefits such as weight loss and an improvement in physical related health issues such as back pain. As an added benefit this improved physical health will lead to a boost in energy levels, well-being and also mean quicker recovery from illness due to an improved immune system.

Mental Health

Studies have shown that exercise can help treat mild depression as effectively as medication, is a natural anti-anxiety treatment, helps relieve stress and can help you sleep better. What’s more, by exercising you release endorphins which makes you happier and puts you in a far better mood.


The healthier and fitter your staff, the easier they can fight off illness; they have more energy, they’re more productive and less prone to stress. It can also reduce staff turnover, as any initiative you introduce shows your loyalty to employees as individuals rather than just as workers.



For many, the term ‘fitness’ strikes fear into the heart. They see packed gyms, embarrassingly tight clothes, sergeant major type instructors, the sweat, the fear of being judged, and long runs. It’s enough to put anyone off. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You could set goals and organise the workplace into teams (for those who wish to participate anyway). Make it fun and reward those who achieve their goals. Why not set up a running club – putting people into different abilities if you need to – and use GPS apps to see who ran the furthest this week, or who is the most consistent runner. You could utilise wearable tech to reward those who take over a set number of steps each week.

There are plenty of options, it’s just about finding the right ones for your employees.

Mobile meetings

If possible why not take your meetings out of the meeting room and onto the streets (or at least around the office). Not only will a walking meeting help improve your health and fitness, it may also improve the health of the meeting. We’ve probably all been in those meetings that seem to drag on for hours, going around and around in circles, going from one unrelated topic to another. But by holding a walking meeting, or at least standing, people won’t want the meeting to drag and will, therefore, focus more on the tasks at hand.

Subsidised gym membership

For many, the gym is the location of choice to improve their health and fitness, and there has been an uptake from many employers offering on-site gyms. The on-site gym not only means that workers don’t need to travel but they can exercise before, after or even during the working day. However, for most an on-site gym is a luxury. For those who can’t accommodate an on-site gym, it’s worth checking the local area for gyms that offer a corporate discount. Most do it and it’s a great perk to offer your employees who would be otherwise paying the normal rate.

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