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Online Management Course

It has been an extremely busy week and in between everything this week I was determined to complete the Management Course 2, which I had purchased from Data Law (www.datalawonline.co.uk) a few weeks ago.

Now I do not know about the rest of you but I am certainly sceptical about courses online however I urgently needed to do this one as it was long overdue (long story, if I was to go into it you may be here all day).

I was very pleasantly surprised it was conveniently split into 6 parts which meant that you did not have to go through the whole 6 hours in one go, but it also allowed you to log each section that you had completed (I will let you know whether the logging process worked in due course). 
Mr A R Mackay was very entertaining lecturer and gave live examples of managing a company, client relationships and most importantly employee relationships from his own career.

I have heard many solicitors complain about the relevance of the management course but I think that’s probably because it is usually imposed on them in the form of a training day away from the office, then things during the day may go wrong and they have to try and sort them out via telephone and the list is endless. Maybe their opinion would have been different if they had taken the course online which they could have then fit around their work commitments.

In my opinion the course is extremely relevant for anyone that is any supervisory role; I personally have seen ‘bad management’ particularly during periods of recession when there is additional pressure on management to get results, increase billing, efficiency and profitability in a firm. The course helps management not to ‘bully’ their staff, deny them relevant training or failing to pay their expenses which decreases moral. Instead moral should be increased by assessing both the tasks needed to be undertaken by management/supervisors and the strengths and weaknesses of their staff be assessed this ensures each individual is happy, effective and progressing to achieve their long term goals. 

I would like to hear from others who have used online CPD courses to see how effective they have found them.

Samira Cakali

Samira Cakali is a pragmatic and approachable solicitor advocate with extensive contentious and non-contentious experience in the fields of employment law as well as civil litigation, within a range of commercial businesses from SME’s to multinationals as well as senior executives.

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