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Our top 5 reasons why we love being employment solicitors

Qualifying as a solicitor is a special moment. It takes years of studying and training and qualification brings an immense feeling of satisfaction and great achievement.  It can also be a bit scary venturing out in the working world knowing that you are now expected to make your own decisions.

Here we share all that is good and perhaps a bit surprising about working in employment law.

 1.  No day is ever the same

It seems everyone on the team here agrees that the unpredictability and frequent elements of surprise mean working in employment law is never dull!

The nature of employment law means we essentially deal with people and we all know that people can be unpredictable.  Samira recalls once advising a company on a gross misconduct matter, where the employee was being suspended and received a call informing her that the employee was refusing to leave the building. Her advice was to inform the employer that if the employee resisted then the only thing to do was to call the police to remove him from the premises. Several hours later the police were called and warned the employee that if he didn’t leave, they would have to arrest him. 

There is also the element of surprise.  For example, we once had a case where the Claimant unexpectedly informed the judge about some covert recordings, which lead to the judge adjourning so that the Claimant could disclose the recordings to all parties (including him!), late night transcripts were requested to be produced and late-night preparation and anxiety caused! This event could have substantially impacted the case, but thankfully didn’t (to our clients relief).

Debbie recalls advising a client once where one of the employees in the factory was leaving ‘deposits’ around the factory, one even in the manager’s office, and the client wanted to get the staff DNA tested to establish who it was! 

There is such a huge variety of work within employment law, and the law is always changing so life is certainly never dull. 

2.  Working as part of a team

Teamwork is a key part of success in law generally, not just employment law.  Not only do we have to work well together but we also have to form a cohesive team bond with our clients.   Relationships are fundamental to our work as is communication in helping employers and employees resolve their differences.  I think this human aspect of the job is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do.

3. The intellectual challenge

You’re probably already aware of the intellectual challenges in qualifying as a solicitor.  This naturally continues with the job we do every day, but we all agree that this is one of the main reasons we love it. 

We’re often faced with complex problem solving and evolving cases requiring important decision making, which can shape the future of a business.

Samira in particular, loves analysing complex legislation, especially TUPE, and has helped international organisations with untangling the principles, drafting and advising on transfer documentation.

4. Rewarding and a high degree of job satisfaction

We love the mix of complex law with how personal it is to everyone involved – the legal issues are complex but mostly the barriers to resolution are that one or both of the parties are not seeing things from the perspective of the other.

Guiding our clients to see a different perspective is a key part of what we do and finding solutions for our clients brings a great deal of job satisfaction. 

5.  The personal touch – Fairness and equality

I have always believed in fairness and equality as a child and found employment law more often than not a good fit for these values as I like to think employment law is usually reasonably fair. 

Employers often think the odds are stacked in favour of the employee and employees usually think the opposite which probably means it is about right, but we do see cases where an employee with no real claim causes the employer to run up significant legal costs or where an employer uses their greater financial power to bully staff and former staff.

Whether you’re just applying to university to study law, studying for your exams in the summer or starting a new job, we hope we’ve given you a brief insight into the real experience of being employment solicitors and why the team here at SCE loves what they do. 

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