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SCE Solicitors Welcomes you to our new Well-Being Room

This year on Mental Health Awareness Day (10 October19), we marked the occasion by launching our new Wellbeing Room. The purpose of this room is to provide a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the working day. The room is painted in pastel colours and features candles and reed diffusers for visitors and colleagues to relax with aromatherapy. There are also soft furnishings to wind down on whilst listening to soothing music. Or alternatively, games and jigsaws are available to provide mental stimulus.

This room is not just of use to SCE employees but open to businesses in the local area. Please contact us if you would like to use this facility.

Launch Day

We had day packed with talks from a variety of speakers:

  • Barbara Nixon – Leadership Coach: Building Confidence
  • Javed Bobat of ‘F=@#! Mental Health CIC’:  Implementing well-being policies
  • Sam Leigh of ‘Sleigh Services Ltd’: Mental Health First Aid
  • Samira Cakali of ‘SCE Solicitors’: The legal implications of dealing with employees with poor mental health
  • Hannah Dudley of W Fitness: Exercise and well-being
  • Marianne Smith of ‘Doo Marketing’: Marketing to build a better team
  • Charli Brunning of Leeds Mind

We also held a raffle and raised a grand total of £346 for Leeds Mind! All raffle prize winners have now been contacted.

Thank you to all our guest speakers and everyone who visited us during the day.

We will be continuing our fundraising for Leeds Mind so keep an eye out in our newsletters and across our social media to see how you can get involved.

Tips to Manage Employees Mental Health in the Workplace

Below are our six top tips to help you effectively manage and support workplace mental wellbeing.

Encourage people to talk

Increase awareness among employees of mental health and aim to create an open environment where your employees feel they are able to talk about their wellbeing.

Make it an organisational priority

Don’t just flirt around the issue of mental health as staff must believe that you’re taking the issue seriously. If there isn’t an overall acceptance from the top-down that mental health needs to be tackled, then any initiatives will simply fall flat.

Promote a ‘stress-less’ environment

Recognise that stress can bring on mental health issues and so ensure this is dealt with by championing a calm and positive working environment. As part of this, endorse a good work-life balance in which long hours and ‘out of office’ emails are discouraged. You must also make staff feel appreciated and recognised for the effort they put in and ensure that your leadership culture is one of mentorship, advocacy and empowerment rather than control and power.

Provide mental health training

Train your leadership team on how to approach employees if they think they may be struggling with mental health issues. You should also provide guidance on how they can manage staff who may be absent due to mental health problems.

Communicate which mental health services are available

Make sure that there is clear communication about which mental health services are available to employees, so they know how they can seek help. Also ensure there are options for employees to seek help anonymously.

Reasonable adjustments

You should be prepared to make reasonable adjustments as mental health issues can amount to a disability in the eyes of the law. Reasonable adjustments can help the employee cope at work, such as extra rest breaks or daily help with assessing work priories.

If you need help and advice regarding mental health in the workplace, please do not hesitate to contact the employment team on 0113 350 4030 or at hello@scesolicitors.co.uk. If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter please subscribe here.

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