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What we can all learn from our clients

What we can all learn from our clients

Here it is – our last ‘top 10 blog’ to celebrate our 10 years in business.  This time we’re celebrating our clients, the most important piece of the jigsaw.  After all we wouldn’t be here writing this if it wasn’t for them.  As you might imagine it has been a very difficult process choosing our top ten clients because every one of them is highly valued and we learn from them every day. 

Many of the issues we deal with day to day as HR solicitors can be really challenging and perhaps even more so for those managing a business.

So here’s a nod to our clients for their resilience, positivity, ability to take tough decisions, calmness, organisation and above all their ability to make us laugh.  We can all learn something from them.  

1. Ripon Farm Service Ltd is a large agricultural and groundcare specialist. They are a great organisation who go to great lengths to engage their staff, offer them the best packages, and really take care of them. No matter how large they grow they manage to maintain that family feeling. Thanks to Phil Gregg and Claire Younger who never fail to make us laugh. We really connect with this client.

What we have learnt – how vast the farming world is (!) and how it is compartmentalised into so many different divisions. 

2. Austin Hayes Ltd are the leading applicators of specialist coatings for a wide range of sectors such as nuclear, energy, oil & gas and rail.

What we have learnt – despite having faced many challenges the entire team always have a positive outlook as they meet new challenges head on.

3. Chelburn Precision Ltd is a precision engineering business.  While the business continued to work throughout lockdown, the management, namely Katie Travis faced many challenges with staff and following Covid-19 protocol to keep everyone safe.

What we have learnt – how to persevere despite numerous and new challenges with calmness and grace 

4. The bed manufacturer La Romantica Beds Ltd is a retained client and over the years we have built a great friendship.  MD, Siddique Amin had some tough decisions to take during lockdown and despite not working on the ‘shopfloor’ for a number of years he donned his overalls and worked as a delivery driver to keep things moving.

What we have learnt – when the going gets tough you need to get your hands dirty.  

5. Whilst many businesses havefound things tough during the pandemic, PQS Ltd (Hire survey & safety equipment) have grown and acquired businesses during lockdown.

What we have learnt – during difficult times there is always opportunity. 

6. Gough & Kelly (security products and services) are another one of our retained clients and we have worked with them on a number of projects.  They are special to us because they truly care about their customers and suppliers and have assisted us on business and personal matters on a number of occasions. Their security officers are polite and genuinely care for their clients.

What we have learnt – a business that goes the extra mile for its clients and customers always pays off in the long run.

7. Global C S Ltd provides IT support and equipment to schools. We’ve chosen them because we admire how they do things.  They work in such a calm and organised fashion, there is rarely any chaos going on. Also they have a fab team behind them so the directors can achieve great things. 

What we have learnt – calmness and having the right team onboard achieves results and helps to grow a business.

8. We have worked with Alexanders Prestige Ltd (car sales)for a number of years.  They always have the funniest scenarios and keep me laughing and are partially responsible for me having abs 😊

What we have learnt – laughter is the cure to all situations.  

9. We work with a large industrial repairs and servicing business, and we love how it is still run with the same family ethos as it always has been despite being passed down a generation. Having started in Leeds they now have multiple sites and continue to grow the management team.

What we have learnt – no matter how large you grow, while it may take hard work, maintaining the family ethos and values is possible.

10. We work with a marketing promotions and events staffing business based in Leeds.  As you can imagine, over lockdown the whole business came to a halt, but the MD restructured the business and kept himself busy by focusing on his family and the home that he was building for them.

What we have learnt – how to deal with adversity during tough times and how important it is to be mentally agile.   

Please get in touch with us if you feel you need some support or advice on any employment related issues.  We’d be delighted to get to know you and help in any way we can.

Samira Cakali

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Samira Cakali

Samira Cakali is a pragmatic and approachable solicitor advocate with extensive contentious and non-contentious experience in the fields of employment law as well as civil litigation, within a range of commercial businesses from SME’s to multinationals as well as senior executives.

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