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Goodbye 2011

For many of us (lawyers included) 2011 has been a challenge with prospects of the recession returning, cuts in the public sector, a squeeze on lending and a rise in inflation (not to mention VAT going up to 20%!). The government has promised the private sector and in particular small businesses/entrepreneurs government secured loans and changes in employment law (though the finer details are yet to be announced) in 2012 in a bid to get the economy back on track but only time will tell how that will come to fruition.

Reflecting on 2011, I have mixed emotions about the riots which started in London and travelled all the way up to Manchester (luckily Leeds was not on the hot list!). The local police forces did everything in their power to put a stop to the riots and punish the offenders, sending a message to the public that such volatile behaviour will not be tolerated. Unfortunately this did not deter people and businesses suffered great loss and three men in the West Midlands lost their lives.

I think the riots have made everyone think about whether greater power should be restored to police officers, having worked with officers I understand there are limits on how, when and by which methods offenders can be restrained. A very important debate that needs to be redressed…

I am however still optimistic that 2012 will bring many of us opportunities because ‘where there is a will there is a way’… I hope all my followers and readers have a great start to 2012 and a prosperous year and thank you all for following and reading my tweets and blog posts!

Samira Cakali

Samira Cakali is a pragmatic and approachable solicitor advocate with extensive contentious and non-contentious experience in the fields of employment law as well as civil litigation, within a range of commercial businesses from SME’s to multinationals as well as senior executives.

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