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SCE Solicitors Wellbeing Room

Our Well-Being Room: one year on

Last year we held the official opening of our well-being room. We planned the room in great detail involving all of the staff in its creation. Our own, Hannah and Jennifer designed and painted the feature wall. The idea was to make it bright and colourful giving the effect of lots of light.

A year in and we have decided to reflect on the positive effect our well-being room has had on our staff and others who have come to use it (prior to the lock-down restrictions).

The aim of this room was to give our staff somewhere that they could retreat to where they could relax and spend come calming time away from the hustle and bustle of a busy office. We opened up the use of the room to other’s who work in the same building and it gained many nicknames such as ‘the zen den’.

The room is filled with activities and calming resources such as, self-help books, jigsaws, games, colouring books and a CD played with relaxing CD’s.

Here is what some of our staff say about our well-being room:

Samira says, “My philosophy of achieving a good work-life balance is simple, you can’t separate the two, over the last few years I have started taking a holistic approach to create a way of life which works for the individual and I hope the wellbeing room has helped achieve that with the team. Prior to the wellbeing room I found I had no time for exercise but having an exercise bike and hula hoop does not allow me to use that excuse! I also love going in to read and do some of the jigsaw when taking a break.

Harvinder: ‘The well being room allows me to feel like I have had a break away from my desk. I use it to eat my lunch in a quiet space, do some of the jigsaw, and read some of the books which are provided in the room.’

Shona: ‘The well-being has been great for me during lockdown as I would usually go for lunch with my mum but she wasn’t able to work. It provided a safe space for me during that time where I could sit and relax.

Jennifer: ‘Sometimes I do not leave the office during the day so the well-being room gives me that space I can go to when I need a break from my desk. Sometimes I just go and sit and listen to some music, it helps me to refocus and realign my thoughts for the rest of the day. I also love to do some of the current jigsaw while waiting for the kettle to boil.’

Lisa: ‘Jigsaws! I love to go into the well-being room as a break from screen-time. I often leave my phone at my desk so that I can focus on the jigsaw and feel I have had a break from work.

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