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SCE to Carry the Burden

As more local lockdowns have been announced, there needs to be more awareness around mental health. Many people are struggling to adjust and are feeling more and more isolated.

As many of you know, SCE are committed to supporting Leeds Mind and as it is coming up to a year that we started our support and opened our well-being room, we couldn’t not get involved in the latest challenge that Leeds Mind have sent our way.

Throughout October, Leeds Mind are asking our supporters to carry an item of their choosing for a full 24hours, to represent the invisible burden that people with mental health difficulties carry every single day.

We would love if you could support us by donating or by signing up yourself to carry the burden. If you would like to sponsor SCE then you can do so here: https://justgiving.com/fundraising/sce-solicitors

If you would like to take part yourself then more information can be found here: https://www.leedsmind.org.uk/event/carrytheburden/

Here are the burdens that the SCE team will be carrying through October:

Jennifer – Large teddy bear – Friday 2nd October

Lisa – Guitar – Tuesday 6th October

Harvinder – Medium softball – Saturday 10th October

Hannah – jar or pebbles – Monday 12th October

Samira – Backpack full of clothes – Wednesday 14th October

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