EMPLOYMENT LAW for business

Can you represent a business in the Employment Tribunal?

We act for businesses in defending their position at a employment tribunal when they are faced with a claim from a current or former employee which ensures the business are provided with the best chance of winning or reaching the best compromise through:

  1. Drafting a clear and well thought out defence and counter-schedule to claim;
  2. Identifying and collating the relevant documentation for the final bundle;
  3. Drafting detailed witness statements and
  4. Representation at preliminary and final hearings

The experts at SCE Solicitors are at hand to advise and represent you on:

  • Unfair dismissal (including wrongful and constructive dismissal).
  • Redundancy.
  • Settlement agreements.
  • TUPE transfers (including the transfer of service provisions).
  • Breach of contract claims.
  • Discrimination law including harassment and victimisation claims because of:
    • Age;
    • Disability;
    • Gender reassignment;
    • Marriage and civil partnership;
    • Pregnancy and maternity;
    • Race;
    • Religion or belief;
    • Sex or
    • Sexual orientation.
  • Equal pay claims.
  • Whistleblowing claims.
  • Health and safety issues.

All our lawyers are practical and make attempts to negotiate an out-of-tribunal settlement in the first instance. 

Can you represent a business in bringing a breach of restrictive covenant claim?

We act for businesses who require advise and representation on claims for breach of clauses in their employment contracts relating to an employee:

  • not competing with it for a specified period (generally referred as a non-compete clause);
  • not making attempts to lure away their current customers/clients or employees for a specified period (generally referred to as a non-solicitation clause);
  • not deal with certain customers/clients or potential customers/clients for a specified period (generally referred to as a non-dealing clause) ;
  • not disclosing confidentiality information to their competitors.

We ensure the business are provided with the best chance of obtaining a court order, called an injunction, for the former employee to cease and desist from their action and therefore causing less damage to the business through:

  1. Prompt advice and pre-action discussions.
  2. Identifying and collating the relevant documentation.
  3. Prompt issuing of proceedings.

How we can help?

If you have been presented with an employment tribunal claim or have a former employee who had breached their employment contract then contact us on 0113 350 4030, or complete the contact form, for a free 30 minute consultation, and one of our lawyers will consider the facts and provide you with an understanding of your legal position, at no cost to you.

Can you represent us under our legal expenses insurance?

Yes, if a business has legal expenses insurance cover they have the freedom to choose their representative and we are often appointed on behalf of insurers.

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