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A Guide For Employers: Family Friendly Working

From shared parental leave to part-time working, in this guide we explore five things all employers need to know about family friendly working.

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The Legal Risks Around Mismanagement of Mental Health Issues

Wednesday was World Mental Health Day, a good time for employers to look at their legal obligations towards staff who are suffering with mental health issues.
In this article we bring you up to speed with some of the issues which surround mental health in the workplace and provide you with a broad outline of some of the potential claims that might arise if you mismanage an employee who is suffering with mental health issues.

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Don’t Get Burned By Playing With Fire

Under health and safety law, the employer, owner or occupier is responsible for fire safety within non-domestic premises.  The ‘responsible person’ must conduct a fire safety risk assessment and implement and maintain appropriate and adequate fire safety measures that minimise the risk to lives that fire could pose.  The onus to do this also falls on landlords, freeholders, managing agents and those, such as B&B and guesthouse owners, who welcome paying guests.

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Seminar on accidents in high risk workplaces

Last month we ran a free seminar on accidents in high risk workplaces, at the Grosvenor Casino in Central Leeds.  We wanted to deliver a seminar which was focused on the health and safety and employment law implications of accidents based on feedback we had received on key concerns for businesses.

After some open networking and breakfast, Sarah Dykes, Health and Safety Consultant, opened the seminar with a look at some scary accident statistics before moving on to discuss the costs to a business.  Did you know that in 2014/2015 accidents were estimated to cost businesses £14.3 billion in respect of absence and ill health?  Wow!  Sarah highlighted that, in addition to costs covered by insurance, there were a whole host of uninsured costs that employers can face because of accidents.  Sarah then finished off by providing some valued advice on how to deal with accidents after they have occurred.

It was then over to Mandy Walton, Associate Employment Law Solicitor, who tackled the topic of employee absence due to accidents.  Mandy gave hints and tips on how to manage staff absence initially after an accident and then on a longer-term basis should the employee be absent for some time.  Mandy then took attendees through reintegrating employees back into work after a period of absence before a whistle-stop tour of disability discrimination.  Mandy concluded by talking through an ill-health dismissal procedure and gave practical pointers for dealing with the same.  Were you aware that employees who are dismissed on the grounds of ill-health may be entitled to full pay during their notice period, even if they have exhausted all entitlements to company or statutory sick pay?

We were delighted to receive some excellent feedback from the event, with attendees rating the content and style of the speaker as excellent.

Roger Etchells of Episode Limited, ISO consultancy specialists, dropped us an email after the event saying “thanks for the excellent seminar you ran. As a small business owner, it is invaluable to have an insight to my responsibilities, and even though Episode specialises on management systems, including health and safety, I learnt a lot that will be vital for our clients to understand. I will be suggesting SCE to our clients in future as they need the pragmatic, common sense approach you have.” 

Amanda Kaplanski of Shot Blast Media Limited, industrial video production service specialists, said she was “very impressed” with the seminar, adding “You stayed behind at the end to answer questions and offered as much information possible. It was easy to see you have a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of employment law and a genuine desire to help others. Your passion certainly shines through your work!”

We were thrilled with the feedback from our attendees, with all present stating they would recommend the seminar to others.  We will be running another seminar next year with the hope of replicating this year’s success.  

If you feel your business would benefit from having this seminar delivered in house, or you have any other employment law, HR or health and safety training needs, please contact me on 0113 350 4030 or at mandy.walton@scesolicitors.co.uk.

SCE solicitors now offer IOSH Working Safely training

SCE Solicitors now offers IOSH Working Safely courses which offers an in-depth insight into a range of health and safety procedures. As well as written and practical assessments, candidates will also have the chance to get involved with a variety of interactive tasks to develop their skills. Once the course is complete, successful candidates will be awarded a certificate from IOSH.

The Working Safely course takes one day to complete and can be carried out on your premises and designed specifically for your employees or you can attend one of our scheduled courses. These courses are ideal for Managers/ Supervisors or employees that you would like to have a formal recognised qualification in heath and safety. It’s ideal for Production Supervisors, Safety Representatives and Construction workers requiring CSCS cards.

Please contact us on 0113 350 4030 for further information. 

Bonfire Night: Health and Safety

The 5th of November, Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes’ night marks the day in 1605 when Guy Fawkes tried and failed to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the infamous gunpowder plot.

We celebrate the event today by lighting bonfires and watching fireworks in towns and villages across the UK.

Many of us will either be attending fire work displays, holding firework displays  or having some fireworks at home in our gardens over the next few days.

Fireworks parties can be brilliant fun if safety rules are followed. It’s important to remember that fireworks are explosives and, just like that gun powder, can cause severe injury if not handled properly. What is needed is good planning and a level head on the night!

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