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A Guide For Employers: Family Friendly Working

From shared parental leave to part-time working, in this guide we explore five things all employers need to know about family friendly working.

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An Employers Guide to Statutory Leave and other Holiday Rules

As an employer, you’re required to give employees at least the minimum statutory holiday entitlement as set out in the Working Time Regulations 1998. You must also comply with any contractual entitlements and obligations agreed in the employee’s individual contract of employment.

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Will UK follow France in allowing employees to donate leave to those employees with a seriously ill child?

Interestingly France’s parliament has recently passed a law which would allow workers to donate their paid leave to colleagues with seriously ill children. The French case of Christophe Germain, a worker in the constituency of far-right MP Paul Salen, was given days off by colleagues to look after his son Mathys during his battle with cancer. This was done with the approval of his bosses and prompted inspiration for the Bill. Mr Germain’s colleagues donated 170 days paid leave whilst his son battled with the disease.

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